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Nothing truly captures the spirit of love and celebration like 
Moët & Chandon

An enduring love story from grape to glass, each bottle of Moët & Chandon is a blend of over a hundred wines which have been nurtured for twenty-one months in the house’s cellars; handpicked from some of the finest vineyards in Champagne and carefully crafted with endless devotion.

A bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity, Moët & Chandon’s style is wonderfully distinctive and is a perfect champagne for a day that won’t be forgotten.

Pouring Champagne

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Bespoke wedding champagne packages have been curated to delight and surprise guests and add a unique touch of glamour and grandeur to this special day.

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Your wedding celebration deserves a champagne crafted with love

Moët & Chandon celebrates the thrill of living.

With a bottle of its champagne opened every second around the globe, Moët & Chandon knows that every second is an experience, and every experience is a Moët Moment to live, always with grandeur, generosity, glamour and success.

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